Bookplateleaf: Boxid: IA City: Oxford [u.a.]. Donor: internetarchivebookdrive. External-identifier. [Craig Clunas] illustrated new edition of the ultimate single-volume guide to the history of art in China, from Free eBook from the Internet Archive. Read Art in China PDF - by Craig Clunas Oxford University Press. China boasts a history of art stretching over 5, years and embracin Merit Weekend Program

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Art in China marks a breakthrough in the study of the subject. Drawing studies in China itself - Craig Clunas surveys the full spectrum of the visual arts in China. China boasts a history of art spanning years and embracing a wide Now, in Art in China, Craig Clunas marks a breakthrough in the study of the subject. BOOK REVIEWS SJEAA University of Hawai'i By Craig Clunas. New York: Oxford University Press, , 2nd ed. pages. I n his recent work titled Art in.

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New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, As his discourse con- tinues, he builds on the work of previous schol- E again and again. Clunas asserts that, by about pable of achieving. By directly comparing the ings. English-language surveys often tend to devote less space to this than they do to sculpture, could have gone a step further.

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This section of the work not only provides One additional potential improvement pertains an introduction suitable for the novice reader, to the caption Clunas provides for the image.

While it is true that most of the religious helped provide a clearer picture of the complex- art coming out of China that survives today is ity of religious art in China. The neglect of these Buddhist, more attention could have been paid religions is not entirely surprising, however, as to other religious traditions, while still making Western art history has long limited its scope clear the prominence of Buddhist art. Daoist to Buddhism, and only in recent years have S scholars begun to turn their attention to Dao- u section about the Tang dynasty CE ism and other religions.

Clu- the transcendence of yet another unsatisfactory m nas describes in interesting detail the formal trend of previous scholarship, one that brings e elements that link this statue to Buddhist sculp- ture, yet fails to accurately identify the icono- Chinese religious art.

R graphy of the carved deity.Art in China by not be just as good a descriptive term. Under the PRC, political exigencies required that realism be given a new lease of life under the new regime, primarily in the form of mass-produced graphics designed to reach poten- tially every individual.

Politics, Society, and Culture 7. In drawing the connections the Ming had with the preceding Yuan dynasty and the Qing dynasty that followed, this book is a rich reference that provides the context with which to approach and evaluate Ming art history. From art found in tombs to the state-controlled art of the Mao Zedong era, Art in China offers a novel look and comprehensive examination of all aspects of Chinese art.

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