The table of contents is unavailable at this time. Please try again later. PADI | Open Water Diver. © PADI. Open Water Diver. © PADI. Introduction. Open Water Diver eLearning integrates the PADI Open Water Diver Manual with the Download a Start Diving Guide (pdf); Browse the scuba certification FAQs. ISBN X. Printed in the United States of America. 10 9 8 7. Product No. (Rev. 5/06) Version PADI. Open Water. Diver Manual.

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Open Water Diver Manual Dive with a partner using scuba equipment to a depth of 20 meters Mastering all the practical scuba diving skills in the pool. PADI Instructor Manual. 3. Scuba diving can never be entirely risk-free. However, by adhering to the standards within this manual whenever training. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today PADI Open Water Diver Manual (Chinese) de mergulho PADI contidos no PADI Instructor Manual .

The second step is setting your computer for the specific enriched air blend you're using for your dive. This is essential so your computer can calculate both your no Once YOllr computer's set fill-your EANx blend, activate the scroll stop limits and your oxygen exposure. You'll learn more 'modethat ShOlUS your no stop limits. With most models, the deepest about this shortly.

See the manufacturer's instructions for specifics for Most computers also display your oxygen exposure maximum and contingency depths with different blends. Nonetheless, pay attention to toxicity. Remember, your planned maximum depth your oxygen exposure because it can limit your dive. This is believed Depth Table to further reduce the likelihood of oxygen toxicity. If your Blend Maximum Contingency planned dives would cause you to approach or exceed Depth 1.

Your EANx dive computer tracks your oxygen exposure, Therefore, you may have a precise including surface interval credit, throughout the diving number to log, or a more general day much as it tracks your exposure to nitrogen. ISee approximation. It depends upon how manufacturer literature for specifics on how it determines the computer provides the information.

When making repetitive dives, when you enter the scroll. Oxygen partial pressure check all that apply: Signs and symptoms that may precede a convulsion due to oxygen toxicity include check o a. If you experience symptoms of oxygen toxicity, you should ascend immediately and end the dive. Exposure to increased oxygen partial pressure can make your allowable dive time: You use your EANx dive computer to manage Db. There's not enough information to answer o b.

The maximum and contingency oxygen partial pressure limits are: If you accidentally exceed the oxygen exposure o d. The primary hazard of exceeding the oxygen that apply exposure limits is: Divins ""il , enric 'ed air usually sivas you longer dive limes due to reduced nitrogen, but ot times oxygen exposure can limit your dive time.

Who must personally verify the analysis of the oxygen content in an enriched air cylinder before it is used? What are the procedures for analyzing and travel - either they'll bring the appropriate blend enriched air? What is standard of practice for the accuracy you'd like ahead of time.

What cylinder marking should you check to Regardless of how it's blended or where you obtain it, compare your analysis against? Enriched air fills and rental protocols are important in You need to know the percentage so you can set your. These protocols begin when the oxygen percentage is what the blender says it is. After shOWing your certification, you'll ask for the blend blender records the information in the fill log and on a. Even though.

Dive boats. Do not dive fills onboard may only have a single blend available; with a cylinder of enriched air if you have if so, it's usually one well-suited to the dive sites they not personally verified its contents.

There are no exceptions. Some dive operations will bring filled enriched air cylinders to the dive site for their sponsored dive trips. Do not dive with a cylinder of enriched air if you have not personally verified its contents.

But, it has happened. Cylinders have been confused and mismarked, and it was the diver's personal analysis that caught the error. It's important to avoid the possibility of someone else using and refilling the cylinder without your knowledge between when you analyze it and when you dive it. It's also important that the cylinder hasn't accidentally become.

Usually you'll simply analyze the cylinder contents confused with another. This is one reason why your performs the analysis while you watch and personally name is on an enriched air cylinder you will use. Keep verify the oxygen content on the oxygen analyzer. And, if there's ever any question the blender used - but this isn't always practical nor is about an enriched air cylinder's contents, or it critical.

Personally checking is an important dive site, you'll need to personally verify the cylinder safety principle; it double checks the initial analysis, contents at the dive site.

Again, if you've not personally verifies that the cylinder has been correctly marked for analyzed it, you don't dive it. It's also a good practice that blend and confirms the cylinder wasn't accidentally to reanalyze your cylinder contents just before the dive, confused with another. It's your safety at stake. The consequences of Whether you perform the oxygen cnolvsis yourself or.

This is why the dive community watch a qualified person do it, you need to know how. Oxygen analyzers come in different sizes and types; Again, some perspective is important.

Errors are rore, some read out digitally and others use analog needle and you may make hundreds of enriched air dives gauges. Whatever type, for analyzing enriched air you without ever finding a significant difference between need one that reads to one-tenth of a percent.

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Oxygen analyzers come in diffirent sizes and types; some read out digitally and others use analog needle gauges. Turn the calibration knob until the analyzer reads Flow the enriched air you're analyzing into the instructor wil have you practice these steps, and be sure analyzer at the same rate you used for calibration. Give enough time to clear any air in the valve, I. Turn the analyzer on. An oxygen analyzer usually lines and flow device. When opening the needs to be calibrated each time it's turned on.

The valve on an enriched air cylinder, open the valve simplest method is to calibrate for air. This reduces the heat associated with rapid pressurization, helping minimize oxygen fire The preferred method is to have air [not enriched concerns.

Read the oxygen percentage from the air from a scuba cylinder flow slowly across the analyzer display. There are inexpensive flow meters and flow restrictors you EANx that was mixed using partial pressure can use. Some analyzers have built-in flow devices blending in your cylinder may need some time to that let you simply hold the end against the cylinder mix evenly to get an accurate reading.

Rolling the valve liust barely flowing for calibration and cylinder back and forth speeds this up, but most analysis. Use about the same flow rate that you'll divers simply let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour analyze with. Turn the calibration knob until the before analyzing. Banked, continuous flow or analyzer reads Don't blow into the sensor because your breath contains moisture, which affects accuracy and Own Your Own Analyzer reduces the sensor life. Store your analyzer in a Although most enriched air dive operations have cool place with low humidity.

Check your analyzer periodically against other prefer to own their own. If you're serious about analyzers and replace its sensor if it performs diving with enriched air, you'll find it's definitely outside the tolerance levels specified by the worth investing in one. If you ever question the accuracy of an analyzer, especially handy if a contents question comes compare it against one or more analyzers up at a dive site. Consult the manufacturer's instructions sure that it's accurate and that the sensor is about ensuring accuracy.

Don't use the unit until replaced as required. Minor variations compare if there are accuracy questions. Most have to wait to use the dive center's. This is a minor expense that you to 32 percent , unless the computer manufacturer only have to make everyone to three years. Stickers, Tags, Decals and the Fill Log After analyzing the cylinder contents, compare your analysis with the contents tog or sticker on the cylinder.

In some cases, the sticker or tag may already be partially completed, and you verify and finish filling it out. At a busy blending station, you may fill it out entirely and attach it to your cylinder. If there is ever any doubt about a cylinder's contents, reanalyze it before diving with it.

In many cases, the fill log takes the form analysis. After you've used the cylinder, leave the sticker in At a minimum, the fill log lists the cylinder serial number, place. The blender will remove it when refilling the the date, the blender's onolvsis, the maximum depth cylinder. The sticker tells the blender the oxygen content for the blend and the diver's name and signature. The of the remaining enriched air.

If you get the cylinder at Some divers and dive operations prefer tags or the dive site, the dive operation will bring a fill log to reusable stickers. If tags are used, be sure that the complete and sign on location.

After using an enriched air cylinder, some divers write "empty" on the sticker or tag so that the cylinder isn't mistaken for one that is full.

When having an empty enriched air cylinder filled, don't worry about the remaining enriched air in the cylinder The blender wil release it if necessary; don't drain it because it may not be necessary. And, the blender may analyze the contents to confirm the cylinder wasn't improperly refilled. The standard of practice for the accuracy of enriched air analysis is plus or minus 1. Who must personally verify the analysis of the D a. After analyzing enriched air, you should compare o a.

The divemaster in charge the oxygen percent with D b The boat captain D c. The diver who will use the cylinder D a. The buddy of the diver who wil use the D b. The first step in analyzing enriched air is to D d.

None of the above. D True D False 1. What four gUidelines apply to diving with an enriched air dive computer? What happens if you forget to set your enriched air computer before a dive? What should you do if your enriched air dive computer fails during a dive? Four Guidelines Setting an Enriched Air Dive Computer Today, most serious divers use dive computers - whether Earlier, you learned that before each dive, you set your they're diving air or enriched air.

There are four dive computer for the oxygen percent of the enriched gUidelines to apply when diving with an enriched air air blend you'll be using. This allows the computer to dive computer: Let's look at this in more detail 1.

Know the EANx blend's maximum depth and stay shallower by watching the depth display. Remember How you set the oxygen percent varies from model to to plan your dive, and dive your plan.

Use the model. Generally, you enter a "set" mode by pressing a maximum depth warning as a secondary alert. Typically, you can tell you're in the set mode when the oxygen percentage 2.

As you already learned as an Open Water Diver, number blinks, indicating it's waiting for you to change it. Watch both displays on increments, to the blend you're using remember to your computer.

If you begin to near a limit, ascend round to the closest until your computer displays a longer limit. Most computers scroll the 3. Each diver should have an individual enriched air percentage by either dive computer set for the blend the diver is using. When and oxygen exposure the computers calculate.


As you reach the desired you would when diving air, stay within the limits percentage, you of whichever buddy's computer gives the most release the button or conservative readings. Make safety setting by pressing a stops and button or another set follow all the of contacts. With most conservative computers, the oxygen diving practices percent stops flashing you've already when you've locked it learned.

Generally, yolt enter a And. Typically,you can tell you're in safety stops and follow all thp ronsernatine diuing before each dive the set mode when the oxygen percentage practicesyou've already during the course. After you've done it a couple of times, it will be second If Your Computer Fails nature. Dive computers are very reliable, and failures are After an enriched air dive, some computers will clear very rare.

Nonetheless, if your computer fails during their settings and wait for you to reset them before you a dive, immediately ascend, make a safety stop at 5 dive again.

One common error mode is to default to dive. This lets you continue your no stop time. Other computers remain set for the the dive and make repetitive dives if your primary last blend you used until you change it.

The thinking computer fails. Many divers who do this invest in a less is that it's common to dive the same blend for multiple expensive secondary computer that calculates similarly dives and divers know it's important to reset their to their primary usually the same brand , two identical computers if they change blend.

Keeping the blend computers, or a computer-watch a dive camputer that is set avoids unnecessary resetting when diving the same also and the size of a digital worch]. The primary and EANx for multiple dives. Some of these types will go very minor downside is having to set two computers into an error or warning mode if you don't dive for 12 prior to each dive. Be sure to consult the manufacturer literature so Another option is to keep a written record of EANx you know if and when your computer clears the blend blends e.

In any event, remember that failing times and surface intervals throughout the day. If your to have your computer set for the EANx blend raises the computer fails during or between dives , you can risk of DeS or oxygen toxicity.

When set for to learn more about using enriched air and oxygen air, virtually all computers stay set for air, dive after dive, exposure tables.

Dive computers are very reliable and foiLures are rare. Nonetheless, many divers wear a backup so they can continue diving in the event their primary computer foils. If you weren't wearing a backup computer and tables Staying within these limits will keep you above the aren't an option, do not dive for at least 12 hours or maximum depth for the blend and within accepted longer if specified by the manufacturer before resuming oxygen exposure limits.

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You may want to do check all that apply this because you only have such a computer and only o a. It's acceptable for a buddy team to share EANx not air available Also, when using enriched a single computer. You may therefore opt and oxygen exposure limits. Make safety stops and follow all the conservative diving practices you've computer's no decompression limits.

However, even already learned. Know the blend's maximum depth and computer's limits and avoid diving to them. Besides losing the extended no stop time you would rely on the computer warning as a secondary alert only. You set most enriched air computers by letting to using an air-only computer is that it doesn't track your the computer automatically analyze the blend oxygen exposure.

You can accommodate this one of you're using. The first way is more versatile with respect D True D False to your choice of blends, depths and allowable time.

If you forget to set your enriched air computer The second way is more limiting, but much simpler and before a dive check all that apply adequate for many diving circumstances. Option 1. Using these common blend used in the area. If your enriched air dive computer fails during dive. If you're interested in learning to do this, your a dive instructor can show you how to use these tables.

Stay within these limits: Computers do not analyze your gas blend. What action should you take if a diver convulses underwater? However, if a diver convulses underwater due to oxygen toxicity - or any other reason for that matter 2. What action should you take if a diver is - the generally recommended action is to handle the suspected of having decompression illness emergency as you would for any unresponsive diver after a dive using enriched air?

If the diver's mouthpiece is in place, hold it there, but don't waste time trying to replace it if it's not. Immediately surface the diver, establish ample positive buoyancy for yourself and the victim, and check for breathing.

Call for assistance if available and begin in- water rescue breaths if the victim isn't breathing. Get the diver to the boat or shore and from the water as quickly as possible without jeopardizing your own safety. If the diver is breathing, begin first aid for DCI as a precaution. Even if apparently fully recovered, the diver should be examined by a physician. There hasn't been much study of this because such a study would be dangerous to the subjects, nor have there been many incidents upon which to base a formal protocol.

Some experts recommend that if the diver's mouthpiece is in, hold it in place and wait to begin the ascent until after the convulsion subsides. This recommendation is based on the When possible, tell emergency personnel the particulars concern that a convulsing diver may not breathe about the diver's dive profile, including depth, time regularly.

Regardless, the primary concern is getting the and whether the diver was using a dive computer or diver to the surface to prevent drowning, and so you tables. This information would also include whether can begin first aid and get help.


Recommendations the diver was using air or, if using enriched air, what for handling an underwater convulsion may change the blend was. In a DCI emergency, if you run out of as information becomes available. Stay informed and emergency oxygen before you can get a responsive follow the current recommendations.

It certainly won't hurt. If a diver convulses For an unresponsive patient, at least one manufacturer underwater due to oxygen toxicity - or makes a system that allows you to provide EANx from any other reason a scuba cylinder, much as you provide oxygen from an for that matter emergency oxygen system. Provider courses. If the diver has the mouthpiece in place, hold it there; but don't waste time trying to replace it if its not. Immediately bring the diver to the surfoce and check for breathing.

Decompression Illness Divers commonly ask if there's any difference in the way you would handle a suspected DCI emergency for a diver who had been using enriched air versus for one who had been using air. The answer is "no. Get the diver into the care of the appropriate local EMS, and contact the that serves your area.

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You can make this box go away Joining is quick and easy. PM me if you can. Robert J. I think you will be out of luck, i don't think they legitimately exist.

There was a multimedia version of the manuals but I honestly have never seen them or used them so don't know if they are what you are looking for.

I think the issue with standard PDF's is that if they existed it would open the door to copyright issues etc. Only the instructors manuals are made available in electronic formats. PADI won't release the manuals digitally because of copyright issues - they've gone down the 'elearning' route instead.

That'd be good for an Iphone etc, but I am not sure what format it comes in I think it is some form of. Dear PADI DevonDiver , Sep 2, MikkelBC , richdrogpa , floridanewbe and 2 others like this. Does any training agency offer their core material in portable format? If so, that might be another criterion when selecting an agency.Teaching strategies refer to methods used to help students learn the desired course contents and be able to develop achievable goals in the future.

PADI Enriched Air Diver Manual

Other computers remain set for the the dive and make repetitive dives if your primary last blend you used until you change it. Using EANx rather than the rule. This In other words, while it's not hard to manage oxygen is especially true if you accidentally exceed the depth exposure risks, do not underestimate the consequences at which oxygen partial pressure is 1.

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