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View from COS at University of South Africa. NalediHis Love Chapter One This ridiculous, there has to be something you can do. Naledi His Love By Dudu Busani-Dube Love Book, African, My Books. Visit. Discover ideas about Love Book. April We Retail People also love these ideas ^>PDF Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority Tom Burrell. The epic love story centered on eight Zulu men, whose surname is Zulu, continues, Naledi his love, focuses on Qhawe and the woman he comes to love, Naledi.

Oh lucky me! That guy is walking to his car. I have two missed-calls? I forgot to turn my phone volume on when I left work… What?? What the heck??


What are you doing? He turns around briefly. What the heck? Rude arsehole! I lock my car and walk away.

Naledi : his love

Why are these people looking at me like that? They saw what he did! He has a pile of papers in front of him. That by the way means I must stand up and go to the counter to pay. Sometimes I think he requests meetings with me just so he can get free lunch.

I order myself a salad. It has everything to do with my weight. My father says I was born big-boned, like his sisters and all my sisters. He lays out the pile of papers on the table and shows me where I have to sign. But, I am for whatever helps.

My lunch hour is over. I have two patients left to see before I knock-off. And then???

Oh, by the way. Let me go back inside the mall and download a few things before going back to work. I think I must let him stand under that umbrella next to my car a little longer. My life saver!

Then came the trying-to-sell-the-books part. But it then becomes a challenge to gain access to the books value chain, specifically into major bookstores. How did you manage to achieve that? Online bookstores such as My African download were the first to take my books.

They were popular and they were selling like crazy, but mainstream bookstores were just not hearing it. Adams Books and Bridge Books were among the first physical stores to stock my books.

The others only started calling a year later. I could have been bitter about it, but for me the most important thing is for my readers to have access to my books and the shops make that easy. Ultimately I sold and marketed my books myself until they noticed. I always advise self-published writers to do that. Did you face any challenges writing a book inspired by a film?

Chapter One

What did you decide to leave out, or add? I hear you added the scene set in Lesotho, which was one of my favourite parts of the book.

After speaking a few times eventually she got me to watch the movie, uncut, and I loved it.

So I decided I was going to be a part of it. But it took me a while to start writing because I was almost done with my fourth book in the Hlomu series, so I kept putting it aside until she asked me how far I was.

I was nowhere. And I never start a book with an ending already in my mind. That made Zulu Wedding difficult, because I already knew the whole story. So I decided to start the story when the main characters were children, which does not feature at all in the movie. I think people must expect the same story but a different experience between the movie and the book.

There are things that I left to the movie.

Fiction: Novels

The JRB: You wrote all three books in the Hlomu series in a year, and started writing Zulu Wedding in and the book is already on shelves. How do you manage to write so quickly?

She commutes to work by taxi and has to go via Bree taxi rank everyday.

Here she meets Mqhele Zulu, a big eyed, maskandi and ice cream loving taxi driver who wins her heart. The rest of the book chronicles their love story and we are introduced to Mqhele's 7 brothers and dark history which becomes a central feature.

The story is not short of drama and intrigue. Hlomu and Mqhele's relationship has a host of problems that keep you on edge but rooting for them. I don't want to ruin any of it for anyone so I feel you should read it for yourselves.

The second book Zandile The Resolute is a continuation on Hlomus book.

Zandile is married loosely speaking to Mqhele's older brother Nkosana. The story of the Zulu family continues as we see the brothers get older and richer and we get to see Hlomu and Mqhele from a different set of eyes.

You start to see problematic things about their love story and it leaves us with a cliff hanger ending as it is clear that the tight unit that is the Zulu may be on the verge of a hurricane.

So far the story zeros in on just the two main characters which I quite enjoyed as opposed to trying to keep up with an entire family. The subject matter does sometimes feel far fetched but your attachment to the characters makes you think it COULD happen.Share this: She left us with a cliffhanger They all look at me.

My father says I was born big-boned, like his sisters and all my sisters. Born and bred in the streets of KwaMashu, Dube has made her mark with the Hlomu series — three books that appeal to the average female black reader from the townships of South Africa.

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