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Trauma. Sociedad Panamericana de Trauma (SPT). Segunda edición It is appropriate that the Pan American Trauma Association have a major textbook on . Nota: Su uso es personal del usuario de la cuenta y no se puede transferir. Descarga la App para consultar tus ebooks sin necesidad de conexión una vez descargados desde la aplicación. LaLeo Ebooks este producto. Trauma de Tórax. de inscripción favor de llamar y/o escribir directamente a los teléfonos y basic$ atls$ trauma de torax. dr. pablo cantú dedes. introducción. cualquier agresión o.

Contributions to the field of trauma, like the field of all surgery, are products of individuals. This book is a compendium of the leadership of such in-dividuals, all members of the Pan American Trauma Association. Words such as these in this book inspire future leaders.

Readers of this book will seek better ways to approach age old problems in trauma. What a great legacy for these authors to leave the world. Kenneth L. Mattox, M.

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Casi todos los autores asignados aceptaron la tarea, aunque varios no pudieron cumplir a tiempo. De no mediar su insistencia, posiblemente algunos manuscritos nunca hubiesen podido llegar. Only a few things can be fixed on scene, the rest need a trauma center.

Definitive care for multi-system trauma patients is surgery at a trauma center, and time to surgery is critical for those with serious injuries. Interventions on scene should be limited to a rapid head-to-toe exam that identifies severe injuries and the need to control of severe external bleeding, manage the airway, and ventilate or oxygenate the patient.

Unless a patient is trapped, most other interventions are done during transport. Know your trauma centers. EMS transport of severely injured patients to Level I and Level II trauma centers, which have specialists and emergency surgery available, has proven to be lifesaving.

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Not every trauma patient requires transport to a Level I or II trauma center, though, and over-triage can overwhelm the finite resources at those hospitals. Apply pressure, then tourniquets to stop external bleeding.

External hemorrhage control begins by applying pressure to the wound with a dressing. Hold the dressing tightly on the wound, directly on the injured blood vessel.

Adjust the pressure of a commercial device or inflate a blood pressure cuff until the bleeding stops.

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If bleeding continues after the maximum amount of pressure is reached, a second tourniquet may be applied proximal to the first. There is no nerve damage or risk of limb loss from tourniquets for at least two hours after application.

Decompress a tension pneumothorax with a large and long needle. Traumatic injury to the lung can cause a tension pneumothorax, in which air leaks into the space between the lung and chest wall and compresses the lung, heart, and blood vessels. This compromises both ventilation and cardiac output and can quickly lead to death.

Auscultate for silent or decreased breath sounds on one side, tachycardia, altered mental status, and hypotension during the primary assessment, and treat a tension pneumothorax as soon as it is recognized. Nevertheless, thoracic surgeons are not part of the initial emergency room trauma team in level I trauma centres in Germany 2.

In North America, the thoracic surgeon is present in 1 out of 16 level I trauma centres.

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This is due to the distribution of injuries, many of which do not require the specific knowledge of a thoracic surgeon in every patient 3.

Kulshrestha et al. Thoracic surgical intervention in the emergency room or operating theatre was necessary in only 2. Mortality was 9. This paper demonstrates exactly why thoracic surgeons are seldom part of the trauma team in the emergency room. The very specific experience of thoracic surgeons, when available, should part of the extended trauma team.

Many deaths can be prevented by prompt diagnosis and treatment coupled with an understanding of pathophysiologic factors associated with thoracic trauma.


With regards to chest trauma the several points were stressed, according to the recent available literature, for the three levels of trauma care. Pre-hospital trauma life support Assessment of breathing and clinical examination of the thorax respiratory movements and quality of respiration are necessary to recognize major thoracic injuries such as tension pneumothorax, open pneumothorax, fail chest, pulmonary contusion and massive haemothorax.

Clinical diagnosis of pneumothorax, may require immediate intervention, by initial needle decompression of the pleura space 6. Should this not be successful or there is evidence of pneumothorax, chest tube drainage is necessary.

In the absence of hypoventilation on auscultation, or thoracic pain in a stable patient a major tension pneumothorax can be ruled out.Not every trauma patient requires transport to a Level I or II trauma center, though, and over-triage can overwhelm the finite resources at those hospitals.

Clinical diagnosis of pneumothorax, may require immediate intervention, by initial needle decompression of the pleura space 6. Follow local protocols regarding spinal immobilization and be ready for changes in the near future. Spitz, W. Traumatic diaphragmatic lesions are more common than believed and can be misdiagnosed very easily, thus leading to delayed complications

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